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Re: Which camera you get is based purely on subjective analysis....


Thank you for your post. I was just about to start a new (silly) thread, but scrolled down before hand to discover someone had posted, and so checking it out saw too that you had addressed what my new post was about to 'try' to articulate...

Compromises, compromises; I have been reading and researching for my next purchase, and it is...difficult! In reading I've been jerked all over the place, having begun this exercise with the XZ-1&2, then somewhat disillusioned by the release date & price, looked around to see that 'fast-glass' (which I Need for low-light shot's) had entered into the Canon & Nikon compacts. But they too have their own set of compromises, and complicating everything is that we don't have much in the way of hands-on reviews yet. Add to this I'd like to get my new camera asap, but need someone to bring it to me here from the States as the VAT Taxes here make imported 'stuff' very expensive; but this 'delivery service' of mine is Very Spotty as to deliveries!

I would, as you have suggested, go 'test-drive' all of these models beforehand but I'm living in S. India now which makes this impossible on my time-frame. New merchandise doesn't come quickly to these shores, and I want/need to sell my NEX-5 & lenses before my new purchase, so all of this complicates matters. (My NEX has done a very nice job for me btw, however I can no longer tolerate changing lens, and also the system is too large/heavy for my needs as I travel a Lot and am on a motorcycle daily).

OK, so now you've got a little of my back-ground, and hopefully this understanding will elicit, hmm, I dunno; sympathy!? Haha. Naw. Just some helpful advice please

In summary; I'm now back in the Oly XZ-2 camp, as I do like the folding screen that I've gotten used to on the NEX system, and I am hoping that the IQ/performance enhancements will make it even better than the 1st rendition (which I could have lived with). Coupled with the VF-2 'I think' that this is about as good as it gets right now.


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