D700 or D600......Please help / advise

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ranalli wrote:

I disagree...at least for now. The AF module is a HUGE part of how good of an image you actually get. While I think the D600 sensor dwarfs the D700 it's not that relevant when actually taking photos of moving objects(if that's what you do). If all you do is take stills of non-moving objects then yes, go for a D600 but I have yet to see any real proof that the D600 AF module is as quick and accurate as the D700.

Agree that AF is a key aspect of overall camera performance - and the main reason why the 5D never worked for me and the 40D was a dog too.

I'm wondering if you've used the D600? If not, this is really strong conviction based on reading about it.

I'm extremely impressed with the D600 AF performance. I've owned (not including Canon and to name only a few) the D2H and D700. The D600 is right up there with the both. I couldn't be happier with the AF.


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