Hands-On and Images of the Fujifilm X-E1 & 35mm f/1.4R lens

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Re: Hands-On and Images of the Fujifilm X-E1 & 35mm f/1.4R lens

Gotcha, thanks for the info. GREAT shots btw.

webgeek wrote:

The EVF is almost the same on both camera (Fujifilm X-E1 & Sony NEX-7) with 2.36mpx but the refresh processing of the EVF seems to provide lags. I guess this is something they can improve in firmware updates. On my NEX-7 the refresh EVF is faster. This is something I noticed right away. Since I have used my NEX-7 for 7 months.

I did not have the new 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 to test since the Fuji guys here did not feel good about lending me that lens. They said it is still not calibrated good yet. So they lend me the 35mm f/1.4

They also told me that the 18-55mm lens will cost about $600, So I guess with the $1000 body + $600 = $16000.

I guess if you buy it as a kit it will be $1400. That is good price then....

pghrugger wrote:

Can you comment on the EVF compared to the nex7? Being that is supposedly the same OLED panel? Not so much the lag and whatnot but the image quality.

Also, isn't the AF supposed to be improved with the new 18-55 lens?

And where are you getting the 1600 price with the 18-55 kit? Everything I've seen is 1400.

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