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Re: 45mm f/1.8 not a pancake...ugh.

Samsung's Galaxy Camera is kind of melding smartphone and point-and-shoot...despite it not having a phone yet. My hope is that this is the start of a form factor that spreads and so everyone with a cell phone in a few years may also have a telescoping lens on the front. At that point it seems like it will be more difficult to pick out one guy who isn't carrying the right kind of camera for an event. Right now anything with a protruding lens seems to set off security.

Ariston wrote:

one of the most annoying things that I don't like is that you get singled out for lugging a big camera while there are tons of others that are simply ignored. I'm not completely sure on what's the fuzz about people taking pictures in private events. I know it is difficult to maintain crowd control , but atleast the security should do an effort to stop anyone shooting and not just you. I got prohibit once in an event and I don't mind not doing it again. but the way the security singled me out and let others do their merry ways left me with nothing but dismay. I wish I was able to approach that security and tell him he did a fine job in getting one person and allowed everybody else to take pictures. I just hope that they would just allow people to just shoot. it's not like you are distracting them like a lot of people who don't know how to turn their flashes off.

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