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This is an interesting topic but it's couched as though the only type of photography that has any relevance to the photo business and pursuit of profit is retail photography wherein you are selling portraits of individuals and families as well as wedding coverage. And of course the retail sector depends on individuals to spend money. But the real wage for nearly all north Americans has been in steady decline. Not to mention that the market for a family portrait is limited, at best, to one extended family. That's a very limiting business proposition for a medium that should be all about "create once/sell many."

There are other markets. There are many photographers who won't touch the retail market but use their shooting skills to create and LICENSE (not Sell) their work to the entities that have seen their budgets steadily increase over the last decade. Those would be large corporations. Businesses with advertising budgets. But they do NOT buy prints (except for their lobbies and hallways) they buy usage rights to images that are used in advertising, marketing and public relations. And the usage right license fees vary buy the size of the advertising buy.

I live in a very affluent and very high tech town and I can tell you that there are few to zero photographers who survive by only selling prints or albums of anything.

Why is it that PPofA style photographers feel consigned to stay in one declining area of photography rather than to seek new and much more spendy clients? The cameras and lights are largely the same. But the idea of licensing usage rights is far more appealing that trying to sell prints to people who largely look at their images on iPads.

Austin based advertising and portrait photographer, and author of the book series, Minimalist Lighting, and the books: Commercial Photographers Handbook, Photographic Lighting Equipment, and, LED Lighting for Digital Photographers.

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