Red River Satin vs Ilford Smooth Pearl vs Epson Ultra Luster

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Re: Red River Satin vs Ilford Smooth Pearl vs Epson Ultra Luster

gib48189 wrote:

Hi All,

I have an Epson R1900, about to buy some paper. I have used the Epson Ultra Luster and Ilford Pearl, really liked them both. I think I prefer the Ilford slightly.

Has anyone used the Red River Satin, any preference against the other 2?

I do not know anything about the Epson Ultra Luster, but I have compared the RR satin/luster papers to the Ilford Smooth Pearl. In terms of finish texture and rugosity level, the RR paper most similar to the Ilford Pearl is the Arctic Polar Luster. But it has OBA which Ilford Pearl does (almost) not. The RR Ultrapro Satin 2.0 has as low as OBA, but the finish and the weight is quite different. The Dmax of the Ilford Pearl is about 5 darker in the L* scale than those 3 luster/satin papers from RR (after profiled to an Epson R2000 and IJF inks). Also, while some of these RR are cheaper than the Ilford Pearl, others don't. Someone should be cautious thinking every Red River is good and/or a bargain.

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