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You make an interesting point - treat the camera body as an appendage to the lens. The problem is, how many are you going to carry if they're all prime focal lengths? And, the bodies are expensive. I recently took a 3 week trip and used a NEX-7 with the Zeis 24mm for most of my shots. However, I also had a NEX-5 with the 16mm & WA Adapter over my other shoulder, and the 55-210 in a pocket. Again, most of the shots were taken with the NEX-7/Zeis, but I did have occasion to use the other body for occasions where the Zeis just wasn't wide enough. I also used the 55-210 on occasion, but that's an awful lens so I minimized its use. That aside, if I had a 3rd body, I wouldn't have had to change glass at all. That's not an outrageous possibility given the light weight and small size of the NEX cameras.

I always carry 2 bodies to minimize changing lenses and so that I always have the right lens ready to go if something happens and I need to take a quick shot. Also, this protects me in case a body dies. In the past, that's been Canon FF gear, and I still use that whenever I'm going to be shooting moving subjects, or I need the flexibility to do auto-bracketing with more than + - 0.7EV.

I'm now using a RX100 for many low ISO applications where I would have used a 5D & 24-105L. The IQ is remarkably close. The RX1 is an interesting camera, but it would be much more interesting with a high quality zoom with a range 24-120mm + -. Frankly, I'd use that instead of a FF body with the equivalent zoom on it, and carry the big Canon with a zoom telephoto. As I get older, I find that the weight of the big dSLRs and their glass is becoming quite bothersome on long hikes. The flexibility and user interface of the Canon, when compared to the NEX, often makes the extra size and weight worthwhile, however.

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