Is this the D600 forum?

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Two FX forums needed Re: D800 vs D600 posters

As a recent D800 purchaser, I feel like an only child that just got a baby sibling and am now no longer the center of attention. :> )

But I do agree with you. While the D600 and 800 are excellent full-frame cameras, their enthusiastic followers are just overwhelming the D4-D1 crowd.

I'd have two FX forums: the FXs with three numbers (600, 700 and 800) and the single numbers D1-D4. I don't agree with the idea expressed earlier about having just two Nikon forums DX and FX (with no lens forum).

I'd also keep the lens forum. That one's good because it draws from all Nikon DSLR users and has sufficient interest to continue on its own


Derouyag wrote:

Are there any D800 people whining about the D600 people posting here?

I REALLY feel sorry for the D4-D1 users. These PROs now need to deal with both D800 and D600 posters; like myself and yourself.

This D4-D1 forum has a virus.... it is called the D600.

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