re: A99 Fast iso test: raw and jpeg crops

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re: A99 Fast iso test: raw and jpeg crops

Personally, I think you cropped the wrong part.

The originals are a pic of some sort of glossy brochure or info card, held with one edge along a glass counter (handheld), with multiple incoming light directions and reflections, right? I can't easily tell what in that texture (in the dark areas) is "noise in the image" vs. the printed pixels, surface smear on the coatings, etc.

I mean, the ISO250 image is clear that there are scratches and even fingerprint oil visible in the printing. And frankly that thumb is flaky enough that I know for a fact I'm not the only one who chews his own cuticles. (I know, ick). That particular region of the image looks kind of smeary to me even on the ISO250. So unless Sony's taken about 10 stop-steps backward in JPG processing...I tend to think its a bit more of the subject...

I guess when I looked at those shots I tended to focus more on the thumb details and on the sharpness of the line at the card (brochure?) and glass reflection interface, carpet fuzz pieces or stray paper fibers or hair (ick) on the brochure paper, etc.

Regardless, thanks for posting.
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