Q10 body only? 01 Prime lens sale?

Started Sep 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
JacobSR Regular Member • Posts: 300
Re: goods news again :)

ispress wrote:

As someone who is seriously considering a Q10, the question of the 01's availability has become quite relevant. It's difficult to imagine Pentax wouldn't offer it. I mean, they already manufacture it and lots of Q10 owners would want it, so $$$ for Pentax.

Then again, I sometimes think that Pentax Japan has no idea what Americans want. Why on Earth don't we get the beautiful brown/silver combination??

Anyway, hoping to see the 01 available by itself soon.

I'm with you ispress, my favorite is the brown/silver. Black/silver looks very nice too but brown/silver has more retro look and is the most beautiful. I'm wondering if its available in the usa, if so anybody knows where?


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