re: A99 Fast iso test: raw and jpeg crops

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re: A99 Fast iso test: raw and jpeg crops

What do you mean it looks good. It looks like crap. This is not even on par with the d800 at 25600.

There is not just excessive noise in these photos there are major artifacts which distort and corrupt the image. I have noticed the same artifacts in all video I have seen shot on the a99 and yet when I looked at the rx1 video it looked awesome.

I want to get sonys new camera so bad but I fear this is a natural consequence of the SLT. If so I may have to leave the tech and go back to nikon. I know every wedding I shoot I dread because of the a77s woefully inadequate low light capabilities. If this same tragic flaw is being expressed in the full frame - Im out.

I pray that this camera has even 80% of the low light capabilities of the d600 and if so I will buy it. My fear however is that the SLT does more then loses half a stop of light.. I just cant get over how much artifacting there is. For me this ruins the photo/video. I am looking to achieve nice creamy bokeh with 2000$ zeiss glass.. The day I invest in a tech that takes all that fine glass and renders chaotic crap will be the day I hang up my strap and no longer call myself a photographer.

I would give up the awesome auto focus before I give up IQ.

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