Mid range zoom for D700

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Re: Mid range zoom for D700

Since you are down to 2 lens choices, I would, in this case, suggest to get the 24-70.


1) since there isnt much difference in 'reach', the 24-70 will give you a much better image quality ---- sharp, sharp, sharp ---- (if you are 'worried' between 70 and 85 focal length, you can move with you feet .... );

2) the 24-70 is build to last (you can pretty much use it in any weather conditions);
3) it is a faster lens ---- you will appreciate it when you need it ...

One caution though, please check carefully on the used 24-70 .... I bought mine new and it was perfect but others have issues with the zoom ring (please check thoroughly before you buy it).

Have fun ....

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