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Re: OF course Sony wins

viking79 wrote:

kcamacho11 wrote:

Larger sensor always wins. These results were expected.

Only if technology is similar. The larger APS-C sensor in the Nikon D2h is crap next to the smaller M4/3 in the OM-D. The NEX and OM-D probably have comparable sensor tech since they are both Sony sensors.

The larger the sensor, the better it is in overall image quality. (dynamic range, high ISO, detail)

Again, only when comparing identical sensor tech.

That being said, the OM-D's sensor outputs real nice photos though.

Agreed, but I wonder if large prints will be as good since you have to enlarge the image more to make the same size print. How good the OM-D is though is plenty good, many might be willing to not use APS-C for the small performance difference.

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Agreed, only with new technology.

I am not going to say the OM-D sensor isn't better than the Nikon D60's larger APS-C sensor, of course it is....since the D60's sensor shows significant visible noise at ISO 600 and up, where the OM-D's is almost non-existent.

What I meant is new technology. A new APS-C sensor, in the end, will output better overall image quality than a new M43 sensor. (especially with nice glass on it)

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