More pixels = more detail (no matter the pic size)? Large file.

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Re: More pixels = more detail (no matter the pic size)? Large file.

rhlpetrus wrote:

I downloaded IR D4, D800 and D600 ISO 100 raws. All used same lens and aperture, and same SS, and histograms are pretty close, so this time, at least, IR seems to have done it as they should.

Converted with CNX2. At full res, it's clear D800> D600> D4, as expected, re detail. Focus could be an issue, but I checked the image at all areas an the above order holds everywhere. Then I resized D600's and D800's files to D4's res, no extra USM on them. And still, D800> D600> D4. Only that difference is higher from D800 to D600 than form the latter to D4. And using more USM on D600's or D4's files would not bring fine detail to D800's level.

Here's the screen shot from my iMAC 27"monitor, I think it's easily visible (check orange and pink fabrics, and resolution dial also shows it if you do it yourself).

I've done a similar comparison myself (but not with the D600) and found the same results, only it was dependent on the down sampling algorithm used.

Another interesting test would be to do the same comparison but with high ISO samples, only here you can vary the amount of NR so that the amount of detail is the same from each camera. Then observe if the D800 renders less noise while holding the same amount of detail.

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