Fair Price for 85mm Legacy lens

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Re: Fair Price for 85mm Legacy lens

Gato Amarillo wrote:

The better legacy 85s tend to be a bit pricey. At least I consider $250 and up pricey for an older manual focus lens when the Olympus 45 goes for $400.

Canon FD 85 1.8 is usually pretty cheap, but in my opinion one of the weaker 85mm lenses - I used Canon FD back in the film days and have tried my 85 on m4/3. If you go for Canon look for the newer bayonet type mount. Most lenses got upgraded coatings when they switched the mount. If you do go to the older breechlock version look for an SSC model to get the latest version.

I have on old Nikon AI 85mm f2 which gives a nicer image and is usually not much more money, but a lot of older Nikons have very stiff focus. Try to buy one you can handle in person or at least from a source with a good return policy. Actually a good idea on any used lens.

I consider 85 an excellent length for m4/3 portraits, provided you have the space to back up a bit. In fact, I like 85 much better on APS or 4/3 than I ever did on 35mm film. In my newspaper days the old Nikon 180 2.8 was a very popular portrait lens and I still like the look of a longer lens.


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Thanks esp. coming from a person with lots of experience.

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