Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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rhlpetrus wrote:

With the D600 system, even if you use only central point, the other points are close enough to assist, and they are all cross-pts.

But the real advantage is that denser is better for action. And the central point can use f/8 lens+adapter combinations.

The eraly reports say the system is very fast and accurate, some people say it's faster than the D800's system, one needs to see it.

Anyway, I don't think the real advantage of the D600 over the 6D is actually the AF, even if it is better.

I'm also using a D600 as well and the AF is astonishingly good. VERY fast and VERY accurate. I love the small AF points because I can put them exactly on the eye of a person or small animal. Even the outer points are very accurate. I also have yet to have to recompose even once due to the AF coverage, the outer left/right points extend quite far.

The 6D has only 11 points, with a distribution not even covering an APS-C frame, and the points themselves are larger which makes it more difficult to focus on small things like eyes.

I am literally blown away by the D600, I can't believe it was only $2050.

I haven't tried it with F8 yet, but even my 5 year old D300 could AF at F8, so I'm not worried at all. It will also AF in near-darkness, and it will AF through a 6 stop ND filter (just like my D300 did). It is absolutely not the D7000 AF which some people seem to think it is.

All else aside, the sensor is the true gem of this camera. It is a 24MP version of the D800 sensor with the same DR and ISO performance. This is where Canon really needs to step up there game in my opinion, along with realistic pricing of the 5DM3 and 6D. I'd also like to see them make a true pro build camera outside of the 1 series, like Nikon does with the D300 and up.

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