Does 5DII or 5DIII Have APC Crop Mode?

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Re: We disagree

Richard wrote:

Ok, you had no EF-S lenses, good for you.

Did you even read my post? I said I DID have the EF-S 60 Macro, great lens. i had ZERO trouble selling it and getting my money back. There are about 4 EF-S lenses that are actually great lenses, and anyone of them will sell easily. 10-22, 15-85, 17-55, and the 60 Macro. There may be a couple more, but not many are considered to be wonderful lenses, and all these would sell easily with little lost.

If I wanted to use crop mode then i wouldn't buy a FF to start with. In other words, my Nikon crop lenses would be ON THE SALE BLOCK just as fast as any EF-S lenses I would sell. You mention my Sigma below, and yep, I could have used it just like you would a DX crop lens, UH, BUT I SOLD IT, which shows you that I would have done the same thing with a DX lens had I been a Nikon user. I would not spend 2 grand on a FF body so that I could use crop lenses, I could have done that by keeping the Sigma 30 1.4, but I didn't and wouldn't with Nikon crop lenses either.

As the price of FF moves lower, for Canon these will be disposable lenses. You will lose a lot when you go to sell them. If The could get a FF down to $1500, That will eliminate a good segment of people that will buy EF-S and even Canon APS-C owners who even have any interest of upgrading later, they will buy FF lenses. For Nikon > owner this IS a NON ISSUE because their lenses are compatable.

Again, just a silly point here. FF will NEVER make crop bodies go out of existence. For starters, I bought my refurb T1i body for $358 dollars, and have seen refurb T2i bodies for 400 dollars, like new. Do you really think that a 2 grand body will drive out Crop bodies that go for around 400 dollars, 1,600 dollars cheaper? Give me a break, and that doesn't even address the fact that they are smaller and lighter bodies for women and people with smaller hands or those that need lighter travel bodies, and it also don't touch the reach issue. Canon will be coming out with the upgrade to the 7D soon, and there will be a huge amount of people buying crop dslr's that go around the 400 range. Crop will be with us a long long time yet and EF-S lenses will sell well for a long long time. Your point is just ridiculous

Last time I checked the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS was not a crappy lens, and cost $1059 half the price of the 6d. Could you imagine if that lens fit on a D800 and > could produce 15mp images. Nikon got it right, Canon did not.

I didn't say that lens was crappy, try reading better. I said the good EF-S lenses like that will sell easily with little loss, so it will be a non issue for upgraders, and nope, I wouldn't want to use a crop lens on a FF body after forking out 2 grand for a FF body. The Nikon crop lenses would be on the sale block immediately, just like i sold my Sigma that would have worked with the 5D2.

So what you are saying is Sigma was smart enough to make lenses that were compatable with FF but use the APS-C FOV like Nikon but Canon was not smart enough or did not care enough about its users to do this?

What i am saying is that I DIDN'T KEEP THE SIGMA, even though I could have used it on the 5D2, why is that? Because I, like the vast majority of upgraders, didn't fork out 2 grand on a FF body so that I could use crop lenses with it. It shows that I would also sell the silly crop Nikon lenses as well had i been a Nikon user and bought a Nikon FF body. The Nikon crop lenses would have been up for sale immediately, just as my Sigma was, just like my 60 Macro was.

Sure back then, you were wise to dump those incompatable lenses. So now you speak for most people upgrading? I have stated facts.

You have stated non-sense. Back then? Two months ago is "Back Then"? I am easily a standard upgrader, if not, tell me how my situation is mostly unique? I used crop for about a year until I was ready to get more serious. I first got better lenses after getting my crop bodies, I assure you, most do that first, or do you claim they go right from a crop and kit lenses straight to a 2 thousand dollar FF body? Most users do roughly what i did, use their crop bodies, get to know photography a little better, then start upgrading lenses and finally want FF at a later time. When they upgrade lenses, they get good EF lenses, L glass, or good EF-S lenses that will sell easily, just like mine did.

We disagree, I don't believe you are the average upgrader, neither of us know for sure.

You are being silly. Tell me how I am not an average upgrader. Tell me how you think the average upgrader would differ. You think they would buy a crop and then fork out 2 grand on a FF when they never even tried upgrading their lenses first? So these upgraders of yours are exploring the old 18-55 kit lens for a bit and then they are ready for FF? That's laughable. Go look in the 60D and the 7D sample pools at the POTN site. TONS of L glass being used with these crop bodies, tons of EF lenses like the 85 1.8. EASILY the vast majority of these people are using EF and L glass with these bodies. Like I said, there are only a few really good EF-S lenses that these people have mostly and they will sell with no problem.

I don't think a lot of people thought that far ahead, if they did, Canon would not > have sold a bunch of EF-S lenes like they did, now, they are incompatable with FF.

You don't need to think ahead to buy EF glass and L glass for your crop body. Why are you acting like a crop body user can ONLY buy EF-S lenses? I had EF lenses and had ZERO intention of ever going FF. The vast majority of people ready to plop down 2 grand are already going to have nice lenses, that will include EF and l glass, and any good EF-S glass they have will sell easily, and crop bodies aren't going anywhere.

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