I was going to buy the OM-D...

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Re: Don't let the door hit you on the way out....

jim stirling wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

I see much less of that in any of the other forums I visit. Must be insecurity.

Oh ,I think it’s because of insecurity alright, the insecurity of a good few here {typically Olympus fans} who feel the need to compare their chosen mFT with other systems and makes. It is unfortunately nothing new. You will be lucky to find even a handful of us vs mFT threads in the Nikon or Canon forums, for the large part they don’t care just as the majority here could care less about them.

However for some the need to make comparisons between mFT and seems to be great. There is not a day goes by without an us vs them comparison and you guessed it mFT always comes out on top.

You are the one who keeps mocking M43 and especially Olympus, you have a real chip on your shoulder. Go play with your own toys and stop being so insecure.

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