I shot an arrow in the air, It landed I know not where.......

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Re: Sounds like you shot the arrow....

The late reply is because I have more in my life than this forum and do not read it every day (let alone several times a day).

Like others have said the title it is a misquote from a poem read many years ago at school during English lessons and was meant as irony.
And NO I did not do it.

Here in the Netherlands virtually every living creature has protected status so if I had done it I would hardly post the results of my dastardly deeds on a public form. Also crossbows are prohibited weapons and cycling with a crossbow (if Ihad one) sticking out of my bag would certainly attract the attention of the local constabulary.

As it happened I was cycling a designated cycle route (we have lots of those here) and always take my camera with me as you never know when something interesting will appear.

Also, being a bit of a nature lover I only shoot pictiures and only leave footprints behind when I go hiking.
Let's all leave it at that.

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