No PC Socket on the D600

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Re: No PC Socket on the D600

Marvin Horlick wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Marvin Horlick wrote:

Have you noticed there is no PC socket on the D600?? What is Nikon thinking??

I am a wedding photographer and I shoot the D300 with an off camera TTL cord in the hot shoe and a PC cord going to a pocket wizard to fire a remote flash.

So without a PC socket I cannot use the D600. I know there are some adapters that go into the hot shoe of the camera and have a hot shoe on top and a PC socket on the side. But I cannot use these because of the aforementioned TTL cord in the hotshoe.

Does anyone have a solution for syncing the remote flash with a pocket wizard?

Thanks - Marvin

The D600 is obviously not a camera for you. Besides, not only is it missing the PC contact but also the sync speed is slower as well as the maximum shutter speed, not to mention some other bits and pieces. It is a low budget FX for low budget. For that price no wonder there are limitations and it is clear that it is an entry level camera in the FF format.

Wow! I didn't know the sync speed was slower on the D600. Definitely a deal breaker for me.

Also the 1/4000s as maximum speed means more use of ND filter. I think that is as serious as the sync speed. I may even regard this as a bigger problem since the sync speed isn't a big issue because you can always switch to FP flash if you have one, and in that case you can use any shutter speed available.

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