Help choosing a lighting set

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Re: Help choosing a lighting set


I looked at different stores in the US (B&H, Adorama) and found way better products. The shipping, taxes and duties are just ridiculous, about the same price as the product itself. I am going to ask if they can ship via USPS to greatly reduse the cost on my end.

Looked at:

Are you suggesting a single light setup? In that case how would you control the shadows or fill the background?

Also, I think the speedlight option is not for me. Without a modeling light it would be a huge waste of time, used speedlights here are still expensive $150-$175, and I don't do on camera flash photography so the double duty option is not really appealing for the price.

Usually I would take the time and save some money for these kinds of purchases but the project is on a deadline and the budget allows only for so much.

DuaneV wrote:

I started my studio lighting trials with one of those cheap continuous kits and the only good it did was teach me it was junk and to stay away from that stuff. Honest truth. Save up if you need to until you have a bigger budget, but you CAN buy quality equipment and stay in your budget.

What spesifically did you find was wrong with them? Flimsy construction, uneven lighting, inconsistent colour temp?

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