What the heck IS a "semi-pro" camera?

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Re: What the heck IS a "semi-pro" camera?

Mr Jasper is just giving his oppinion as to what group the camera should be suited for .
he is not speaking "for" nikon but is giving his Oppinion " about Nikon".
my oppinion may be different as may be yours .

some have the oppinion that being used by a proffessional is what makes pro equipement, and some hear appear to think the best sensor = the best camera.

but its all just "oppinion" and our own individual tastes dictate ,that "oppinions" will allways be devided .

Nikon make specific cameras for specific target groups and define them accordingly .

I prefere to follow thier interpretation , as they Make all of them , their list is "FACT" and not mearly oppinion.

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