17mm f/2.8 Zuiko vs 19mm f/2.8 Sigma

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Re: 17mm f/2.8 Zuiko vs 19mm f/2.8 Sigma

Thanks, that's what I thought. $170 ebay price of 14mm is tempting but for me the kit lens quality at 14mm is quite acceptable. I find E-PL1 body too thick to be pocketable even with thinnest lenses, so I would mabye buy 14mm only if it performs wide open far better than kit lens, so I could go lower ISO with E-PL1. With newer bodies though I wouldn't need this either.

mh2000 wrote

I don't buy short FL lenses for shallow DoF. Both the 14 and 17 are better than my > kit zoom... and I like shooting small primes.

Faster aperture is always nice to have in your pocket, but I only use it on these > lenses when I need it for hand held or moving subjects in lower light.

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