Question for UK D800 owners ref AF issues

Started Sep 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Question for UK D800 owners ref AF issues

Thanks for the responses.

Zarekr you are the first person I've heard from to have it fixed in Surrey and that's great to hear (also your site, travelling the world 25 days a year is cool ). I sent mine in months ago and it was returned unfixed and when I asked them if they had the latest tech/software/tools or whatever it is (I don't pretend to understand the issue just I know on the left most AF points my D800e backfocuses more than 20 points AF fine tune when the centre points are ok) needed to fix the issue they weren't even aware of the issue and they just gave a generic response.

To their credit they said I could return it and they will try again so I'll probably give it a go since it worked with yours.

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