Does anyone display their work to a room rather than a chair? How?

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Re: Does anyone display their work to a room rather than a chair? How?

:People enjoy their work on:
"-Their PC alone" To a chair (one person)

"-As a small number of large wall prints" Bingo! Now how a bout a digital equivalent?

"-As galleries shown full-screen on their smartphones and tablets, also making them easy to carry and share with people around them." Again, to one person, and not at home.

"- As galleries published on the Web, so they can share with people far away or access from a web browser at a relative's house to show.-" Again, not at home.

-" On their home flatscreen HDTV, via flash drive or over the network from a desktop or home server in another room via AppleTV, Plex, etc. or from their online galleries." Any way to make this a passive/automated event rather than "I will now sit down and view photographs" ??? Especially for collections of landscapes, this would sure make more sense as a viewing mode. This is my question.

Can you schedule an event on Apple TV? Auto run a slideshow? Any software that can do it from a Mac? What about a 4:3 display so both orientations look okay?

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