To Landscapers with 5DII

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Re: To Landscapers with 5DII

Well,,I think Im the only one that will say go for the 5d3,,,I have both and I prefer the 5d3 for alot of reasons,,

1) it feels better in my hand- it actually has grooves that are contoured more for me.

2)better noise level at higher iso,,for night landscapes or using 10 stop ND filter.

3)Having suffered for years with the AF on my 5d2, I had no idea what a real autofocus camera felt like..I always shot in manual focus. the 5d3 is superior in this department.

4) two card slots- I had two external card readers from sanho because I wanted three backups for my images..i sold one on ebay. yeah i would of preferred to cf slots but I adapt!

5) better build quality for wet environments...yeah if u drop it in the water say goodbye to it, but it is more resistant in damp weather.

6)more options to customize the camera and help screen in case you dont remember something from the manual. I changes everything on my camera for customized buttons including autofocus etc..I didnt need to keep refering to the manual,,if I didnt know something, there is a help button to explain.
7)ability to extend the bracketing sequence to 5 shots.or 7 shots.

Yeah , its a little high in price, but I think the value is almost there!!!

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