A simple poll......24MP or 36MP...

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16 or 24 with 8fps.

Like someone else said. The D4 is 16mp. 24mp is ample for anything that I do and before 36mp came out, it was ample for everyone else also because it had to be in the D3X which has been the top dog in mp since 2008. Heck the D3S has 12mp. Is the D3S soup sandwich now? What about the D4? Actually 16 is just great for me. Give me 16mp at 8fps with auto focus like in the D3S or D4 and brother I'm happy. The D700 has 12mp. Yes, I'll admit that more mega pixels is cool and "sometimes" needed but I'm personally not into the mp race. Give me good ISO performance at 12 or 16 mp with a great auto focus, at 8fps and I'm fine with that. The D600 is a really nice camera.

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