Comparison: a57 and EOS 600D

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Re: Comparison: a57 and EOS 600D

It has white tint cause I applied little color correction to it
Original photo of Sony had slight red (or warm) tint to it. Something like this:

I think that sky looks better on Canon and building are ..well take a closer look

Timbukto wrote:

The Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS is a nice of the brightest standard APS-C zooms. However be warned the 'natural' look that you it more accurate? . I've always felt the Sigma has a yellow warmer cast and can see that in the Canon shots the buildings have yellow tint, Sony has white tint. You were there in person, which one is it in reality? More white or more yellowish?

I shoot a Rebel myself for magic lantern and because its cheap, but I still wonder about the Sigma's yellow tint.

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