Does anyone display their work to a room rather than a chair? How?

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Re: Does anyone display their work to a room rather than a chair? How?

Hmm, well, standing around a PC while one person sits and gets a decent angle at the screen is just a LITTLE less than optimal. It is also not what I asked about.

For decades no one questioned the value/merit of large prints mounted on a wall and when I ask about a digital equivalent the response is to question the validity of that sort of consumption of photographs at all.

This seems really obvious but I'll state it anyway: Beyond the active "I am now spending the next hour viewing photographs" mode there is also a more passive and/or display/decorative mode as evidenced by about a century of people mounting prints on walls rather than sitting-down and staring at them in-hand.

And yes, monitors do consume energy- the whole reason to want auto on/off so the displays are only running at times of day when there are people in the room to appreciate them.

A LCD TV with a USB port won't turn on/off automatically. If anyone has a better response to my original question, I would be very grateful. 4:3 would be good for mixed orientations. Thanks,

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