The most annoying feature of the X-Pro1

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The most annoying feature of the X-Pro1

During the last week I attended a week long street photography workshop in Italy where I used the 18mm and 35mm lenses.

The 18mm is very nice for up close and personal street photography - f/8, Auto-ISO 6400, 1/250 shutter speed and zone focused to 1,5-2 meters and you're all set.

The 35mm however is totally different. Zone focusing at 5m works, but it is not ideal. I found myself using autofocus (focus/recompose or MF with AFL/pre-focus) all the time as a 50mm at f8-f9 pre-focused is not very ideal.

I found a few nice scenes and did some planned shots (by waiting for people to enter the scene - pre-focusing with MF/AFL). On both lenses I only used the optical viewfinder. On the 35mm the optical viewfinder frame lines are so inaccurate, I am very - very disappointed. I actually find myself having to crop 15-20% of the image to get the scene that I composed in the frame lines. I knew the frame lines were inaccurate from before, but I haven't really thought much about it before I actually started precision-framing with it.

The fact that the 35mm's frame lines are so inaccurate I basically end up with a 12mp image after cropping the image so that it is how it should be according to the OVF's frame lines.

I tried a few Leica M9's and a Monochrom at the workshop as well - with 0.68 and 0.72 magnification, and yes, the frame lines are also inaccurate on them depending on how your lens are focused. But never by the same huuuge amount as the X-Pro1 with the 35mm. The X-Pro1 framelines are just so wildly inaccurate that I am considering selling the entire system because of it. I bought it specifically to use the OVF and would never have considered it if it only had an EVF. I do not want to frame with the EVF - I just hate using it.

Firmware 2.00 did not fix the frameline inaccuracy with the 35mm. I find that the framelines are much more accurate with the 18mm and 60mm for some odd reason.

Oh well. Just a rant after having to manually crop about 300 images because they were not nearly as I composed them. I can tolerate a little inaccuracy like on the Leica M's, but the X-Pro1 with the 35mm is really in a league of it's own at around 15-20% inaccuracy.

Fuji: Fix this so that I don't have to waste a huge amount of money on a M or M Monochrom and a 50 Lux, thanks.

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