My S3IS is 6 Years Old This Month. Replace With???

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Re: My S3IS is 6 Years Old This Month. Replace With???

OK, I've spent hours looking at the FZ200 and like always, about the time I think I've made up my mind, I read one more statement that makes me backup.

1. I'm reading that there is a lot of noise shooting in jpeg at any iso. I've never had a camera that shot in RAW and am excited to use it but don't want to be tied to it as my only option for a good picture without noise. Best not to go past 200??. That's my limit with my S3. Was hoping for better.

2. Is there a "center weighted" option? Something I read made me wonder.

3. FZ200 has a smaller sensor than the SX50. With that being such an important spec, why would I choose the Pany over the Canon SX50?

4. This camera will be my video camera. Don't want to juggle two devices. Which camera of the two has the better video?

5. I was considering the FZ200 for fine details and indoor shots but came across the statement, "not good for fine details or indoor shots" :o

6. Can't find info shutter lag. Which has the least amt?

7. Can I zoom and take still shots with the FZ200 and/or the SX50?

8. Love shallow DOF shots. I'm not going to get that as much with the SX50, but read that with the NR needed with the FZ200, it causes blurring/smearing in the out of focus areas.


Most of my pictures are of my precious grandchildren (and non-essential family members LOL) inside and outside. Birthday parties, holidays. Now that they're in school, there will be stage programs and sports. I take lots of videos of them. Landscapes and macros are important too. Love to cook and often take pictures of what I've cooked.

I'm no stranger to pp'ing. I run everything thru PS but of course the less I have to tweak it, the better.

If it were me, I'd look at that FZ200 people are talking about. F2.8 through the range? That's an over two stop advantage by telephoto, and that's a huge deal when you need shutter speed to keep the picture viable. That and diffraction is going to be a problem all by itself once you get much past f/4 with these teeny sensors. At telephoto in anything less than perfect lighting, you'll be shooting at high ISO and f/5.6...or even slower. Those pictures will start out blurry, and get worse from there.

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