XP1 V2 FW thoughts and requests...

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XP1 V2 FW thoughts and requests...

1. I have been shooting more and more with my XP1 and 35mm since v2.0. I have to say that the focusing itself isn't that much improved in normal light. The pickup in speed though comes from something I actually find to be a great improvement, which is, less hunting. For lack of a better description, it seems more "sure". In low light situations, this really stands out. I can lock on things now that there was no way prior, and it happens quickly and accurately. Overall, the limitations here are lens specific, and I am pretty much done with AF requests on this camera. I like it a lot, especially knowing it will improve greatly with future lenses.

2. The Freeze is pretty much gone in the EVF. Wow, this is so great. It has honestly made the EVF useful to me, where as it was worthless to me prior. Still not the EVF I am expecting from my XE1, but very usable indeed. Great improvement!

3. MF throw is vastly improved. I still disapprove of focus by wire as a whole, but once you are used to it, this change is most welcome. MF is so much better, but is still where this camera falls short. Will get more into that later.

4. 3x/10x zoom. 3x comes in handy, and the controls are quick and easy. 10x alone was sometimes too much, and being able to go back and forth is a major improvement. Good thinking Fuji.

Now the requests.

I know it is different for everyone, so there are likely things I think that others will add to or disagree with, but this is how I personally see it.

1) The most important improvement I think Fuji could make is in the MF. Personally, I don't NEED an OVF like a lot of the people on this forum proclaim. It is not that necessary. HOWEVER, having the OVF as an option, I must say that I use it 99% of the time. I love the OVF on this camera. The times when I don't use it are when I need to switch to macro (hardly ever), and when I want to MF. That is the issue. I do not want to switch to the EVF for MF. We need some type of focus confirmation in the OVF, whether it be a contrast overlay, arrows and dot, or my personal favorite, the M9/rangefinder style overlay.

Thats pretty much it that I can think of though. That would make the camera whole in my personal opinion. Please feel free to add.

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