Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

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please continue

eNo wrote:

I just came back from a vacation where I forced myself to spot-meter everything. In past vacations, I've gotten lax (lazy?) and drifted to aperture priority mode for the very reason the OP mentions: lots of moving in and out of bright light vs. shade, didn't want to bother. Well, this time around I bothered, and in a quick review through my shots last night, wouldn't you know it? Not much for me to do in LR except delete the shots I don't like -- for reasons other than blown exposure.

I was shooting in dark cathedral interiors, outdoors in overcast weather with the sun peaking through occassionally to brighten things up. All I did was to spot-meter on middle tones, and all my exposures fell into place. With practice and quick setup on your camera (the Fn button on mine switches to spot), it takes very little time. If you're afraid about not reacting quickly enough, consider that once your exposure is set, for those lighting conditions, you don't have to change it again, whereas your auto-magic meter will likely change exposure the second you modify composition and your focus point(s) fall somewhere else.

I know all this can come across as haughty and lording it over other folks that "I know more," but I'm really enthusiastic about getting folks to take charge of their exposures. When they do and start getting exposures that make sense, then they can concentrate on what truly makes a great photo. If you get stuck in the "my exposure is messed up half the time" trap, you'll never get to enjoy making nice to great photographs.

What I have learned has come from posts like this, articles like yours, and advice from those more experienced than me here on the forums. Thanks and please continue.

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