Flash on Ebay question for A77?

Started Sep 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Mandude Regular Member • Posts: 378
Re: Flash on Ebay question for A77? Update

i went to amazon and found a polaroid flash for a good price, which had much better recycle time. Thank you for your anwser. I get what you're saying about how much power you're going to use. I've never own a stand alone flash. So I'm very excited.

Thank you.

Tandaina wrote:

By "keep up" I assume you mean refresh rate?

That'll depend on how you are shooting. Full power? 1/32nd power? When I do water droplet photography I use 1/32nd power on my current flash and it recycles fast enough to keep up with the a900 on "machine gun" mode.

But at full power? Nope, it takes a few seconds to recycle. So the answer is, sometimes maybe. You should look up the flash manufacturer and look at their specs for it. What do they claim it refreshes at?

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