To Landscapers with 5DII

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Re: To Landscapers with 5DII

Saturoldan wrote:

Hi all!

Do you think that 5dII has everything you need for Landscape photography? If you had the bucks to change to 5DIII, would you buy 5DIII or invest it in lens?

I have a 5D2 that I've used for close to four years. I was watching the 5D3 announcements with the possibility in mind that the new camera might be something that would convince me to upgrade.

I think the 5D3 is an excellent camera, from everything I read and see. It improves on some aspects of the 5D2 that made the earlier body a bit less appealing to certain kinds of shooters. If I were buying a new Canon full-frame body and money was not a limiting factor, I would probably get it - especially as the prices begin to soften - and occasionally find the upgraded features useful.

However, for most of the photography that I do - a great deal of landscape, but also a number of other subjects - the improvements in the 5D3 over the 5D2 do not amount to much and certainly don't seem worth the additional cost. Even though I was ready to move to a newer body at the time of the announcement, there is virtually nothing that it can do that my 5D2 can't do just as well for this sort of photography.


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