First time buyers, is A65 for us?

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I am also a first time buyer and I chose the A65

Coming from the point&shoot world, I needed some arguments to "justify" the cost of a DSLR + lenses :

  • a fast focusing system as my main problem was getting nice shots of my kids (8/11/15 year old)

  • a great video system, as I also make a lot of small clips. The A65 shines, Sony seems to have the best AF system for video

  • a camera for the years to come, as I can't afford to change the body every 2-years , and the A65 with GPS, 24 Mp sensor, 2,4 MP OLED Viewfinder is definitively a great piece of technology

  • a brand I will trust also for the years to come, lenses ARE a long term investment. Sony is innovating like no one, EVF is the future, I really think this is a great brand.

  • a camera I will have fun with. This one is the most important one : if you don't like your camera, you won't use it. Take it for granted : the A65 IS definitively a fun camera, with all the bells and whistles Sony can throw at you (sweep panorama, handheld HDR, fun creative mode, 10 fps, ...). The form factor is also just right for beginners I think.

As for the A55 vs 65 debate, extract from this forum from someone who has the A55 and the A65

"IQ - The A65 has better IQ at iso 800 and below due to it's greater resolution. This improvement is only visible when the image is greatly magnified but is important when I crop heavily. At 1600 and above there isn't much difference in IQ.

The handling and ergonomics of the A65 are overall better with the A65 primarily due to it's larger size and better button placement.
The viewfinder of the A65 is better.

Video is better with the A65 especially because of the electronic SSS which prevents sensor over heating.

Some of these A55 issues have been addressed with the A57 but based on IQ alone I believe the A65 is better overall."

So I don't think that the A55 is really better that the A65, only cheaper.

Of course, all this is just my 2 cents...


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