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Re: A big red flag here...

Whenever I've ordered anything from B&H, they charged my card immediately. I don't live in the US so they may do this for international customers for security reasons. Of all the suppliers I've ordered stuff from in the US, Australia, UK and HK, they are the only company that seem to do this.

The reason I know this is that I once placed a large order but canceled it a few hours later. My card had already been charged and of course I got gouged by Visa when they re-converted the currency back again. The charges are not B&H's fault, of course, but they certainly did not wait to ship the goods before charging my card.


Peter A. Stavrakoglou wrote:

Ken53 wrote:

The Red Flag in this scenario is that credit cards are not to be charge until the shipping takes place. Obviously the credit card was charged before shipping was in progress. This not the correct and legal way to run a mail order business.


The Fair Credit Billing Act does not indicate that it is illegal to charge a credit card before shipping. It is legal to do so. It may not be the best way to conduct business but it is legal. The seller is required to ship within the time frame they state that they will ship a product but they can charge a credit card at the time an order is placed. If the company states they will ship in 30 days, they can charge your card when the order is placed as long as they ship it within 30 days.

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It is to my understanding that it is against VISA and MasterCard's regulations for a merchant to bill their cards prior to shipping. This seems like a no brainer common sense regulation. Why would any reputable mail order business want to charge the CC before the product reaches the shipping dept? Also “most” companies only charge when the shipping dept receives the item.

Now according to the OP, the over jealous system that Unique has personally designed, had his card charged before the system even decided they were not going to allow a $10,000 discount. If the OP’s information is correct, this is not a place that I would feel comfortable giving my CC information to, especially when we have so many good options out there.


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