Comparison: a57 and EOS 600D

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Re: Comparison: a57 and EOS 600D

I don't know what's wrong. Click on my nickname and try to go to my gallery and download originals from there.
Red cast is not strong. Just the picture warmer than I think it should be.

DRO should've worked... but it decided it doesn't want. I don't know why. Also Sony decided to go to the higher shutter speed, than Canon. And that decision is also mystery to me.

shady1991 wrote:

I cant open original images, it shows error.

MY a57 never has read cast or something, and there's no way that canon has better DR. sony cameras have much, much better dynamic range than canons but sony's auto DRO tries not to change overall picture much. if it's not sufficient for you, then you should use higher DRO setting

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