First time buyers, is A65 for us?

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Re: First time buyers, is A65 for us?

Thanks all

55, 57 or 65... Good comments from all of you and it looks like any of those three would likely do what we are looking for.

So the 57 is priced in the middle, has most of the same features as the 65 and is the newest version of the 55. (I think that is correct)

I'm going to read up some reviews here on these three.

As for lenses, I'm going to be somewhat limited in what I can get for the first year. My budget for this entire purchase is around 1200. I've seen a bunch of kits on ebay that fall in my budget (namely those three with the A65 I posted earlier in the thread).

I imagine I can also get similar kits for the 57 on ebay. My other choice is buying it from Future Shop.

Unless anyone knows of a shop that will ship to Canada and offers great package prices.

tks, back to reading the reviews here!

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