Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

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Re: Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

Digetydog wrote:

I expect we will see a D70x0, but no D400(which is what I want). Recognizing what the D600 means, I am going to stop buying any DX lenses. When it is time to get rid of my D7k body, I will go FX with a Nikon 1-type system for family events.

I like that attitude. I have no desire to go FF at this time. The D7000 and my lenses are more than I need. It's hard to foresee ever needing to go FF. But OTOH, prices are only going to continue to drop and if at some point in the future, there's no DX body I want, I won't object to going FF. I'd have to sell a few lenses - two because they're DX and one because it's the wrong FL (but it's a FF lens and should be in demand). And by then I'll have gotten plenty of use out of them. Ten years down the road, my daughter will be in college; I'll probably have little need for my 70-200/2.8 any more - no sports or concerts or plays - and may very well want to dump the whole system for an ILC setup. Who knows what THOSE will look like by then ?

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