HS Soccer - C&C please

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Re: HS Soccer - C&C please

These shots are good but with just a few tweaks could be better. It seems to me that most are backlit and underexposed with a -0.67EV. You may well have had better results increasing exposure...provided that you could keep the shutter speed at or above 1/640. Also....soccer shots without the ball in frame just don't work well. Football (American Football) and rugby are so much easier in that respect as the ball is usually in hand.

Also...especially in the last shot, it looks like you're up high above the field. I recommend that you get to field level (if possible). I prefer to shoot from one knee looking slightly upwards as it gives the players a more powerful, imposing look.

That's my 2 cents worth. Keep shooting. Practice and self-C&C really do make perfect. My own shots have improved so much over the past few years.

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