First time buyers, is A65 for us?

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Re: First time buyers, is A65 for us?

ShawnG wrote:

I was specifically looking at one of these three kits:
A65 with 18-135 SAM lens
A65 with 18-55 SAM and 55-200 SAM lenses
A65 with 18-55 SAM and 70-300 Tamron Di LS Macro lenses

Some specific concers about the A65 are how is the video auto-focus compared to the t4i with their new STM lens?

Sony has best video auto-focus, some constraints but much better than other DSLRs

Also, I read that the A65 isn't very good in low light, is that still the case or did some firmware updates fix this?

It is not as good as a full frame, but is only marginally worse than Nikon 5100, 7100 or Canon equivalents.

I know the A65 may be a bit of overkill but I'm looking at keeping this for 5+ years and grow into using all it's features. I just want to make sure it will do everything we both need. (minus my wife just putting it in her purse, although she does have some rather large purses....!)

The a65 is a good camera, but it now falls into a weird spot for Sony. The A57 matches it in most features other than GPS, and is cheaper. The A77 although more expensive has much better features. At this time I would get the A57 if you do not need GPS. The A65 does have a 24 MP sensor and the better EVF and this might be worth the extra bucks, but the final images are not much different. I have not used the 18-135, but would seriously consider the 16-50 f/2.8. Gives you a good zoom for most low light shooting. Only a bit slower than getting a 50 f1.7 or 35 f/1.8 but more versatile. Combine that with the new 55-300 for good coverage of most photographic needs.

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