Why would you want to sell the Kodak P880?

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Spiridakis Michael
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Ralph for your pleasure

124c41 wrote:

I really enjoyed reading that most educational post, Mike and if you have the time and/or opportunity to post comparison shots of the P880 and one of your much more modern cameras to illustrate this 'noise' business, I will be most grateful.



Ralph he asked me a shot that the tiny tiny fibers on the ceiling to be visible... I didn't choose my P880 not either my S100fs I choose the S90 mainly because in RAW with no in camera lens correction is more wide than 28mm but I was so impressed from the dynamic range of this little devil... When I have more time I'll find a P880's shot from this series to see them side by side...
SO the first picture is the RAW "as is" and the second is the final picture.

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