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Speak English much? What you wrote is so abbreviated it does not make much sense. To the subject: I have both and they are very different cameras, with theor own strength and weaknesses. X100 produces superior pictures and a much superior shooting experience. RX100 is a phenomenal pocket cameras and casual snapshot cam, truly groundbreaking. Sony managed to make all entry-level DSLs obsolete with this little P/S. It won't replace the X100 though.

jacketpotato wrote:

X100 been tempting me for a while.

Tried it out for the 1st time since RX100 released. Before RX100 id sad oh yes X100, now X100 too limiting and low light high iso RX100 is decent enough for me. Shallow dof : X100 have to be as close as 6 inches to subject (macro) to see lush F2 shallow dof. X100 to me isnt really a shallow dof camera as portrait lenses on my Nex takes care of shallow dof. Id use X100 for out n about morning, day, night for which RX100 is more versatile.

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