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Re: APS-C going ML is my view

Dennis wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

I think APS-C is going ML soon.

That's incomplete. What happens to those millions of DX lenses out there ? Does going mirrorless necessarily mean abandoning DSLRs ? Sony has gone mirrorless on APS-C, but to date and for the foreseeable future, is still selling Alpha mount cameras. And is it possible/likely that down the road, a company's entire APS-C lineup will consist of mirrorless bodies, but in various styles (from the compact NEX style to the beefy GH3 style) with AF systems and accessories on the latter intended for use with adapted DSLR lenses ?

Mirrorless offers a handful of advantages related to the technology:

  • reduced registration distance allows for bodies and some lenses to be compact

  • full time live view (a disadvantage to those who want TTL OVF but never mind that)

  • no mirror-induced vibration

  • potentially fewer AF accuracy problems due to sensor alignment issues

The first comes with disadvantages and the others can be realized in cameras designed for existing SLR lens mounts.

It's hard to see Canon or Nikon going all mirrorless, unless it's with cameras designed to look, act & feel like DSLRs.

Of course, on the flipside, as sensor photosite densities increase, costs drop (that's not happening that fast) and processing power increases, an argument can be made for enthusiast APS-C users being satisfied by future FF bodies used in crop mode. They'd have to be smaller, cheaper, faster and higher res than the D600 ... a tall order ... but things change.

Consider NEX. Sony has sold an adapter (LA-EA2) that provides full PD autofocus with alpha mount lenses. Now that their hybrid AF NEX-5R and -6 are out, this may just become a tube with an extension cord in it for the contacts. Nikon could easily do the same thing, providing compatibility with only AF-S lenses, like the D3200/5100. Poof, big ol' reflex mirror body goes away. Yes, there's an inch-long extender tube on it for legacy lenses, but there's f-mount compatibility in much the same way as on the Series 1. This is one reason why people like myself are so dismayed to see Nikon dropping the ball on an APS-C Series-1 sensored mirrorless body and its competitors eagerly picking the ball up. This is one area where Nikon really needs to cannibalize itself.

Yes, there is a different look and feel to a DSLR which I like - half the time. The other half of the time I wish there was a "deflate" button that would collapse it to half its size.

I don't really buy the argument that crop mode on a sufficiently high resolution FX camera will satisfy the enthusiast, for the same reasons that Renato gives. Many enthusiasts have very limited budgets by Nikon standards. They will not consider spending over $1000 on a camera body. To get something equivalent to the current D5100 in crop mode resolution, one would have to buy a $3000 D800. That's $2100 extra, and it will be quite a while before 36mp gets down to even $2000., still a $1200 premium. About the only logic I can see in the "crop from FX" argument is that those "real enthusiasts" already have moved on to FX glass and the price penalty isn't as painful. Those who have a quiver of DX glass will see either a performance degradation in going this route if they don't switch out their glass or a bigger bank account balance degradation if they do. We all know that you don't need FX sensors to take compelling pictures or become a skilled enthusiast; I find a little offensive the argument that you have to shoot FX to be one.

Bottom line, though, I wonder if Nikon has the manufacturing capacity or interest in a 3rd lens design standard. The only thing that might change that equation is if their purported video push will demand such a thing.

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