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if portraits then get a 2nd hand DSLR w a f1.8 lens

If portraits of your daughter are the main goal among your many goals, then you will probably be best served by a simple DSLR, possibly 2nd-hand, and a f1.8 lens, ideally an 85mm.

I think brands don't matter much.

As a Nikon owner I quickly check on Amazon and see that the D5100 costs $550 bod only. Or you can get a D3200 with 18-55 for $650 but kit lenses don't deliver photos that look much better than what compacts deliver.

then the Nikkor 85mm f1.8 lens costs $500.- (yes it's a lot but my 85mm f1.4 cost me $'1800...).

Or you can get a 50mm f1.8 for $220.- which will also give you good portraits but less great.

Or go Canon, they have an 85mm f1.8 for $370 and you can couple this to whichever body suits your needs.

Or go Pentax.

If you go reasonable on the DSLR body (lowish-end or 2nd hand) and get a decent portrait lens, hopefully you'll have enough money on the side to get a nice pocketable superzoom that will be the tool for 95% of the occasions.

Just one warning: once you own an iPhone, even the superzoom seems a bit like overkill because the iPhone will always be with you whereas while the superzoom doesn't need its bag of lenses and is small, it still needs its own charger and possibly carrying case...

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