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again: please do read my post ;-)

Let me repeat. I said that the DSLR suffered from various problems:

  • big and bulky and heavy - thus misses out on a large number of photo opportunities because it stays home

  • AF precision issues imposing the need to fine-tune (there is CDAF but it is very slow)

  • cannot film with auto-focus. Oh, and records only low-quality mono sound when my iPhone can film with AF and record stereo sound, and so can my superzooms

You summarize this as "you discovered it's not a camcorder" - come ON

Again like I already said, I do use my DSLR:

  • mostly in locations either where I already am (at home), or that I get to by car so I don't have to worry about bulk and weight

  • for portraits especially when coupled to the great 85mm f1.4 which cost me more than the body so it had better do something special

  • for low-light photography - not that I do much of this at all, but there will be the occasional large indoor family dinner where it is nice to be able to do w/o flash

  • I COULD use it to photograph action - but I find that filming action is much better

The OP sounds like he hasn't taken his decision yet, and from his aims I simply think that he will be much better served by a superzoom. Or at the very limit, a mirrorless camera.

Finally I said I had some experience, and this D7k has nearly 26'000 shots on the meter after 22 months of ownership - nearly matching the number of shots per year on my compacts or my iPhone but that's mostly because of regular portrait sessions with the kids where I will take several dozen shots of each child.

The D7k is a nice toy but it suffers from various severe limitations because of the obsolete concept, is all.

I personally will never buy another DSLR, and that's me with a tendency to photograph a lot, and the means to buy a D7k and an 18-200 and an 85 f1.4 etc.

I want something smaller, lighter, with faster AF, and more precise AF. And if sometimes I want to film, I want films with AF and stereo sound because this is 2012 not 1970.

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