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Re: Electronic level

Interesting you said that electronic level is "not necessary but it helps". I thought it is an essential feature for shooting landscape handheld. It is the reason that I did not buy 5D2 and now balk at 6D. (What Canon is thinking to give 6D only one-axis electronic level? A marketing checklist item for unscrupulous buyers?) 5D3 is nice if one can justify the purchase.

Saturoldan wrote:

Thanks for your answers, you helped me! I try not to be a geek with a new toy but logical with my needs…

I finally decided to save up and going with 5D3. Better IQ at high ISO for stars shots, better body seal, 100% viewfinder, +-3EV compensation, electronic level (not necessary but it helps), FEL button, double memory store, Q button, and as a second body for my 1DIV, better FPS, best AF and silent mode at 3FPS when needed. If I put everything into perspective, I think it´s worth the money for me.

I still don´t like the on/off button or zoom in/out button position and hate the viewfinder shutter rubber, or why cannot be the mirror lock up associated to a button… Nothing’s perfect!

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