Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

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It did

creaDVty wrote:

I think it depends on what you consider the correct exposure. If you mean that the subject is correctly exposed, then yes the D600 matrix metering is pretty good. If you mean that the exposure maximizes the information available for postprocessing by avoiding blown highlights, then I don't think the D600 matrix metering does that.

Not necessarily designed to

(If your D600 does protect highlights I would like to know that.)

When you went back and examined just how much detail could be pulled out of the raw files in your examples...you metering did exactly that in many ways.

" ....But what I found is that the clipping display is not accurate and that there is indeed more recoverable information than is shown by the clipping display.....So, after all, the D600 wasn't losing anywhere near as much info as I previously thought. Indeed, it was great that the camera appeared to be maximizing the amount of light, short of blowing relevant highlights, i.e., exposing to the right. This could be awesome for minimizing noise"

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