Backpackers BEWARE

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Re: Backpackers BEWARE

Some backpacks come with two zips to get at the camera, improving your odds of remembering to zip at least one.

I am a big fan of Cotton Carrier for keeping your camera at the ready and your hands free for hiking poles or scrambles. The Cotton Carrier vest is compatible with backpacks, by the way.

The one annoying facet of top-loading packs is that your extra lenses, etc are likely to be buried amidst other gear, depending on how you pack. Being female, I like my heavy stuff at the bottom of a pack, to better match my center of gravity.

I just took delivery of the F-stop Gear Satori, a 62 liter pack with back access to an interchangeable "internal camera unit", the padded carrier for camera gear. After some tweaking, notably replacement of a sternum strap placed for larger men, not smaller women (too low for me, not adjustable to where I need it, so I just took a common 24" strap and placed it at my sternum top), the pack fits pretty well. This looks like a good camper's pack. It also can hold Big Whites (Canon superteles) - not that I have one of the pricey behemoths, but I may rent one for a trip.

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